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1st December 2006

First, a little collection of smiley Josiah faces. Here, he’s being a patient little guy in the Bumbo seat while Analise is on the potty (and I’m reading to her). This is a frequent occurance!

Analise found the mini Precious Moments nativity set at Grandma Beverly’s after Thanksgiving as the decorations were being unpacked. Doesn’t she look a bit like them?

Analise has been doing a lot of reading lately. Josiah likes it when she sits down to read to him (as long as he’s out of reach, otherwise he’d prefer to have the book himself and eat it!). Here, the book of choice, is If You Give A Pig A Pancake. She can finish nearly every line in the book! It’s one of her favorites!

Another favorite book is her Bible. When Josiah’s not a willing audience, like this morning, she’ll set up the dolls and other stuff and read to them.

Josiah’s been rolling all over the floor, pulling his knees up underneath him like he’s trying to go somewhere. He can scooch backwards a bit, too. Won’t be long until he’s on the move! Brian caught these pictures when he’d rolled under the Exersaucer.

As we were getting the Christmas tree set up, Brian took a break for lunch. Analise wanted her lunch as a picnic in the living room.

Lastly, another sweet Josiah smile. It melts me!

2 Responses to “Everyday Photos…”

  1. Brian Toone Says:

    🙂 That’s me smiling because these pictures make me smile!

  2. Corrie Says:

    Tee hee!! What great pictures! Analise does look surprisingly like the precious moments figures with those big eyes!

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