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What’s Cookin’ – First Week of School wrapup

18th August 2011

So with the kids at school, I’ve got so much I could be doing. Cleaning, projects, errands… But this week, I’ve used my *favorite* procrastination technique… concocting lovely things in the kitchen! Here’s a bullet list of the highlights:

  • Peaches & Cream Muffins – brought peaches back from South Carolina last week.  Awesome.  I love, love, love making muffins… and sharing them!
  • The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee – I’ve heard rave reviews.  Anna sent me some really great coffee for my birthday, so I’ve got a batch of this brewing overnight.  Can’t wait to taste it tomorrow!
  • DIY Flavored Syrup – Caramel – Made this today for the coffee…
  • Taste of Home’s Delectable Granola – Made this today, and though I think it cooked a bit too long (wasn’t seeming crispy, come to find out, it crisps as it cools) so it tastes a little “dark”, Brian LOVES it, and I love that I made my own granola!!  I love granola and yogurt and fresh fruit.
  • Giant M&M Cookies – Made these today, and I was a bit disappointed.  Might be that after the most amazing, chocolate pb cookies of earlier this week, it’s hard to compare.  But they are pretty, the kids loved them, and since they cooked a tiny bit too long, they’ll get another try.
  • KAF’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies – These. Are. So. Divine.  Seriously, there is no better chocolate peanut butter cookie out there.  And Trader Joe’s mini pb cups (frozen) are perfect in these.  You can also use the new mini Reese’s pb cups, but they have to be frozen, or they melt into the cookie.  Still delicious, but it’s awesome if they hold their form for bites of pb cups.
  • This cute little “Smart Cookie” tag set to package up a treat for the teachers – trying to decide which cookie recipe to use… leaning towards choc pb…

On my cooking agenda…

If only y’all knew how many recipes I have bookmarked to try… Wow.

Now, if you’re with me this far, you’re in for a real treat.  I’m about to confess a really bad decision, probably the stupidest I can remember. (Backstory – I recently read Born to Run and LOVED IT.  For various reasons, one of which stems from the book, I’ve started running barefoot, in a field near my house, once a week or so.  Brian’s told me to go get some Vibram Five Finger barefoot shoes, but I just can’t get myself to spend the $, and I haven’t needed to, because the field is really soft and safe.)

Yesterday, I was going to be running about 11, and if I don’t run early in the day, I lose my motivation quickly.  I was meeting a friend for lunch, and I really didn’t want to run, but I thought I should just do something, anything.  So I thought, hey… maybe I should try barefoot running on the smooth, blacktop paved Lakeshore trail, and then I’ll just run for a super short run, since I’m trying to gradually adjust my legs/feet to the biomechanical differences of running without shoes.  It was hot – 92 by my car thermometer, and as soon as I took a few steps on the trail, I thought, man, this is really hard and painful on my feet.  Just suck it up… you’re only going out 5 minutes and coming back 5 minutes.  So I kept painfully plodding along, until I hit the shade.  My feet HURT, and not just from the hard pavement.  I realized they were blistered from the heat of the blacktop.  And I had to run back to the car.  You seriously would have heard me saying, “What an idiot” to myself over and over if you’d been near me.  I was so embarrassed I’d made such a stupid decision.  Sure enough, back at the car, my feet were so painful, and walking to lunch (in my socks/shoes) felt like I was still walking through hot coals.  I can only laugh now.  Definitely learned my lesson.  I drained the blisters last night, and they’re 75% better today.  Hoping to run tomorrow… with shoes.  And yes, maybe soon I’ll splurge and get myself some Vibrams.  But until then, I’ll only barefoot run on the safety of the field.

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