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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Our sweet bunny’s first week

22nd August 2011

After bunny-sitting for a friend a couple times last year, they called to ask if Analise & Josiah would maybe give Jaggy (or Jaguar, after the Spain Park HS Jaguars, where the bunny owner goes) a bit more attention than their busy schedule allowed. We were THRILLED to say the least. Jaggy is the sweetest bunny, litterbox trained, and very gentle. She’s never bitten, and she puts up with lots of snuggling from us. She currently lives in her cage in our entryway, but she gets let out for supervised hopping/exploring a couple times a day. It’s crazy hot here, so she doesn’t get outside much, but she has an outside hutch for more moderate times, and she loves our bunny-proofed side porch. A few of pics of my sweeties and their furry best friend…

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