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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Finally feeling better…

13th December 2006

I think Analise is mostly over her ear infection.  Monday was rough,
though.  After the doctor’s appointment, I dropped off the prescription
to be picked up later. I brought both kids home to eat and nap, and
Analise slept so long I couldn’t get back to pick up the prescription
before Brian started home.  When she woke up, the Tylenol had worn off
and her fever was over 103!  Poor girl!  We got some medicine into her,
and finally yesterday morning her fever was gone for good.  Yesterday
was still a quiet not-feeling-good day, though, and it’s tried my
patience as she’s full of tears and tantrums when things aren’t quite
right.  Hopefully today is going to be better…

Though I wasn’t sure we’d make it with all the unhappiness of the day,
Analise did cheer up enough for us to go to Brian’s department
Christmas party.  The host family has 2 younger girls who love to play
with Analise.  She had a great time, and Josiah was a sweetheart as
everyone took a turn holding him. 

Brian’s wrapping up finals today, and hopefully he’ll be done posting grades soon.  I’m trying to get our house back in order – after several days of taking care of a sick little one, it’s a little out of control around here!    

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  1. alison Says:

    I am glad annless is feeling better

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