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Wrapping up my evening of blogging…

11th December 2006

Ok!  I’m caught up on half-written blogs!  Today and this evening have been a little crazy… after I got interrupted last night by Josiah, Analise woke up with a fever during the night.  So she joined us in our bed, and Josiah was already there.  It was a bit crowded.  Finally, Josiah got bumped out to the swing around 4am, and left some room for the rest of us.  Our 2 little kids take up more room than 2 full-grown adults. Brian and I were both hanging onto the edge of the bed. 

Analise has had a fever over 101 all day.  She’s grudgingly taking tylenol that brings it down a little bit.  She doesn’t seem to be in pain, so maybe it isn’t an ear infection, but I’m not sure what else could be causing it.  She’s just lethargic and quiet.  Josiah’s 6 month check-up is tomorrow, so it looks like I’ll be calling for a 2nd appt tomorrow morning. 

Tonight was comical.  Brian’s working hard to get a final written for his 8am class tomorrow.  Josiah had gone to bed at 7pm, and Analise went quietly to bed at 8.  I was getting lots done and settling into my chair to catch up on blogging.  At 10:30, I heard Analise crying.  Josiah had woken up and was crying too.  I found Analise drenched in sweat, with a sopping wet diaper.  She took some tylenol for me, got some dry pajamas, and asked to go sleep in our bed.  Brian was trying to quiet down Josiah, who needed to eat and get a dry diaper.  Brian took Analise back to our bed as I took care of Josiah, and he found that our bed was sopping wet.  He’d forgotten that Analise had had an "accident" during her nap, and he’d neglected to tell me or change the sheets.  Darn.  I got the bed changed, settled Analise into bed and laid down with her on one side and Josiah on the other to nurse him, while Brian went back to work. 

When Josiah was done eating, I picked him up and propped myself up in the bed to hold him as he fell asleep, planning on taking him back to his bed to leave us some room.  I guess he’d eaten too much, and within a minute he threw up all over me.  Thankfully, my pillow and the bed were spared.  I hollered for Brian, who came and took Josiah while I got clean clothes.  After Josiah was cleaned up, I settled back into bed with him and Analise.  He dozed off and I moved him to the swing.  Analise dozed and I could tell her fever had come down (from 101.5), so I moved her back to her bed.  AHhhhh… Now I’m closing up the computer, and heading back to bed, all by myself.  Hopefully, Brian’ll join me soon.  Hopefully, my two little ones will sleep for a good solid couple hours…    

3 Responses to “Wrapping up my evening of blogging…”

  1. Brian Says:

    Update … Analise has a double ear infection with a temperature of 102.8 this morning. The sleeping situation last night in outline form (correct me if I’m wrong Kristine):

    Analise – in her bed from about 8PM until 10:30PM, wakes up wailing
    Josiah – in his bed from about 7PM until 10:30PM, wakes up crying, wide awake
    Analise, Josiah, Kristine in our bed – 10:30PM until 11PM
    Josiah in his swing in the living room – 11PM until 4:30AM
    Analise, Kristine in our bed – 11PM until Midnight
    Kristine in our bed – 12:30AM until 6:30AM
    Analise in her bed – 12:30AM until 6:30AM
    Brian on the sofa in the living room – 1:45AM until 4:45AM

    Last night was only slightly a bit more shifting around than usual. Josiah threw up all over Kristine and himself at the 10:30PM transition area. I managed to work in two consecutive 90 minute sleep intervals from 1:45 – 4:45. Sometimes I feel like nightimes are little miniature “sleep olympics” at our house.

  2. Kristine Toone Says:

    He forgot that he brought Josiah in to bed with me sometime around 4am. He stayed there until we got up at 6:30am.

    Analise’s temperature was 102.8 this morning! Our pediatrician’s office is so great – they manged to get Analise in to see someone at 9am. Sorry to say she has another double ear infection. Poor girl…
    Our doctor’s office is so great though…We were in within minutes of getting there, saw the doctor within 10 minutes, and back to Grandma’s house to pick up Josiah by 9:30. Awesome. Then his appointment was at 10:30, and we were there a tad early so we were home by 11am!
    Josiah was a trooper – he’s 19lbs 6 oz (75th%) and 27″ long (75th%). He got a shot, but hardly flinched, probably bc his chubby little thighs buffer the shot a bit.
    Analise is napping and hopefully this will get her back to feeling well. I don’t like having such a sick little girl!

  3. Corrie Says:

    LOL — wow, those are certainly some tough sleep adventures to go through!!! Hope it gets better as Analise gets better!

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