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Bad News

24th January 2007

Sure enough, poor Analise has another double ear infection.  Or the same ear infection not going away.  In either case, it’s frustrating.  We had a choice of how to deal with it… 10 days of antibiotics (which we’ve struggled with, missing a few does, fighting to take each and every time), 1 shot and 10 days of antibiotics, or 1 shot 3 days in a row with no oral antibiotics, and the best chance to get it cleared up for good.  Well, I chose the most painful option, thinking at first it would be easier than fighting to take medicine for 10 days.  But since she got the shot, she’s cried and cried and cried saying her leg hurts, and I feel so terrible for her.  Getting her back to the doctor tomorrow is going to be pure torture for both of us.  And Friday morning before we leave for Tennessee.  Arg.  

Right now, though, she’s cheered up and playing with Grandma after lunch of ice cream.  Hopefully she’ll feel better after a nap.  Maybe we all will!

2 Responses to “Bad News”

  1. alison Says:

    I hope Annless get better

  2. Brian Says:

    Kristine sure is a trooper for taking Analise to the doctor three days in a row for a shot each day. Please pray for her and for Analise today and tommorrow. Pray that Analise would not be traumatized for going to the doctor’s office forever.

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