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Well, one night of sleep was nice…

24th January 2007

Last night was NOT as good as Monday night.  Josiah’s stuffed up with a cold, and he was up a couple times to nurse.  He’s very cute when he’s slightly awake in the middle of the night, snuggling next to us, gurgling and saying his little "babababa", though he keeps his eyes closed, so I think he’s still mostly asleep.  I took him back to the swing for a good chunk of the night but he still woke up again hungry at about 6.  It was a struggle to get up this morning, but we’ve got a pretty leisurely day. 

Analise and I are off to the doctor to check her ears again.  She’s got yet another cold.  This is the 3rd one in 6 weeks… the last 2 ended up as ear infections.  The doctor explained last time we were there that after an ear infection, though the antibiotics have cleared the bacteria out of the fluid in the ear, the fluid doesn’t drain for 4-6 weeks.  So if you get sick again before the fluid is gone, you’re nearly guaranteed an infection.  Analise just finished her 2nd round of antibiotics last Thursday… and she had a runny nose again by Friday.  AG.  I hope this isn’t another infection.  We’re going to Chattanooga with Brian’s parents on Friday to visit friends of mine and go to the Tennessee Aquarium and spend the night.  I don’t want my little girl to be sick any more!  We’ll keep you posted. 

We’ve got home church here tonight.  I’m off to the doctor, though. Gotta run…  

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  1. alison Says:

    Poor Annless I hope she get better fast and you can sleep though the night .

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