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Yeah – it’s Tuesday!

6th February 2007

I’m so thrilled Tuesday is here.  Analise has been a bit of a grump lately, and she didn’t go to school on Thursday because she said she didn’t feel well.  Thankfully today she was good enough to go, even though she cried for a bit.  I think it’s just a stage she’s in… to not want to do things, even things she normally loves to do.  What a stage… I hope we get past it soon.  She’s been a bear during the night, too, waking up at 4:30 wanting to come to our bed.  We’re really trying to break the come-to-bed-with-mom-and-dad phase, just because we REALLY need some decent sleep.  But she’s throwing serious crying fits at that crazy early hour wanting to get up.  We placated her this morning – at 5am – by turning on her music, giving her some books, though the only light was her nightlight, and closing her door.  We told her she could get up when the sun came up.  I went back to sleep while Brian got up and worked some.  I guess she played pretty well in her crib, talking and chattering the whole time.  At about 6:30, she gleefully yelled, "It’s morning – the sun is up!" and Brian rescued her, while I stole another half hour of sleep.

Josiah, on the other hand, is my new sleep champ!  He slept from 8pm Sunday night until 7am yesterday morning.  WOOHOO!  Last night, he skipped his "nightcap" feeding at 11pm, and slept until 2am.  He was only in bed with us for half an hour to eat, and there was not even a peep from him when I put him back in his own bed to sleep, not in the swing, like we’ve been doing.  He slept until 7am this morning after that.  YEAH!!!  We’re making progress on one front of the sleep battle!

It could be that Analise still has a lingering ear infection.  If it sounds like I’m paranoid, it’s only because these out-of-character behavior times have more often than not corresponded with ear infections.  I’ll give it until Wednesday, and then we may be back at the doctor checking.  We need to start allocating more $$ in our monthly budget for doctor’s copays…

Anyway,  Josiah and I just got back from dropping Analise off at school and grocery shopping.  He’s asleep, and I’ve got BBQ pork in the slow-cooker for dinner.  I hope I can get something accomplished today… Yeah for Tuesday!  

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  1. alison Says:

    You sure hope you breck the early moring it will be better when she gets a little old .

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