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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Professional Photos of the Toone Cuties!

7th February 2007

Whew… it was hard work getting these pictures taken! (Above is one of the final ones we came home with. I got a CD with my photo package, so I’ll include some of the other not-quite-good-enough photos below.) We canceled last week due to illness, and I was tempted to this morning when Analise was a grouch. I’m glad we got it done. Josiah, my normally cheerful smiley one, would hardly crack a smile for us, while Analise, who’s hard to catch even LOOKING at the camera, was in her full cheerful smiley beauty.

We didn’t have many to choose from with the two of them together, but I did get the top one above. I also got a couple sheets of the two individual photos above. I’ve had these two outfits since Josiah was 3 months old, and Analise’s since before he was born, just waiting for the right opportunity. I think they look very cute!

This one was one of the other choices for thw two together. Poor Josiah looks like he’s had enough of it all!

I got a double exposure enlargement of these two profile shots. Not the best of Josiah, but the final of both looks nice.

After a change of outfits, Josiah cheered up a bit. Or maybe it was because we let him stand up? Either way, he smiled a little bit and we got one that worked of just him and his sweet smiley self.

I got several sheets of this photo, too. Finally, smiley boy I know!

This is all the photos we’ll try to have taken until birthday time in June. Our photo place does a pretty good job of getting the kiddos to sit still and smile. This session was worth it, I think!

6 Responses to “Professional Photos of the Toone Cuties!”

  1. Brian Says:

    I love my beautiful kids!

  2. alison Says:

    Dear Kristian
    Nice picture of the kids

  3. Dale Cardwell Says:

    they look great

  4. Ian and Gilda Spencer Says:

    Ian likes the last one of Josiah best. Personally I think he might be biased… Josiah and a book… hmmmm….

  5. Dena Koehn Says:

    Very cute!!

  6. alison Says:

    Very cute

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