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The ear saga continues…

9th February 2007

After the successful morning of pictures, I got Analise a quick doctor’s visit to check out her ears. Her behavior has just been uncharacteristically grumpy and fussy, and her sleep has been BAD. Sure enough, another double ear infection. We’re going to see the ENT next week and schedule the procedure to have tubes put in. Poor girl… I can tell she’s already feeling better now that she’s on antibiotics for the 5th time in 9 weeks. Whew! Our doctor’s son had tubes put in not too long ago, and he said it made a world of difference. I’m ready. He reminded me that one of the main reasons to do this is that her hearing is really compromised with all the fluid that has built up. Ah… that would explain the obedience problems partly… she’s really not hearing me! And I know that her waking with screams and tears at 4am has to be related to this. Finally, this morning, she slept until 7. (Unfortunately, Josiah didn’t, and he was up twice between midnight and 5am.) Then to top off the morning, Brian woke me at 6:30 curled in a ball saying his stomach hurt! He cancelled his 8am class because he was in pain, but after a little gas medicine, he seems to be feeling fine. Whew! I’m glad it’s not something more serious!

We had a birthday party for a friend of Analise’s at Chuck E. Cheese this morning. Analise had a good time, and Josiah rode around taking it all in from his backpack view. It was prime nap-time for him, so we were ready to leave a little early, but we still got to enjoy plenty of games, play time, pizza and cake. Fun!

Yeah for Friday! I’ll be back later to tell you Brian’s dramatic computer disaster/recovery story later… I’m sure you can’t wait to hear!

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  1. alison Says:

    I think Annless will feel much better maby you will not have to go to the dr more often.

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