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Weekend wrap-up

18th February 2007

I’m sure many of you will check in on Monday morning, pleasantly surprised to find a whole slew of new posts from us. I’m trying to make up for my silence!

Remember this photo? Yes, a big day in the house as Analise learned how fun scissors were. I forgot to mention that when she first used them, I gave them to her and didn’t hear a SINGLE word from her for an hour as she snipped shred after shred. I had to "cut her off" (hehe!) to go to bed, and the first thing she said upon waking was, "Mommy, I want to cut more." Goodness.

Well, here was the photo from last night:



I was finishing up Josiah’s bath, while Brian was supervising Analise’s pre-bedtime playing. He was a bit distracted and when he turned back to Analise he found her soft curls amongst the paper clippings. He said, "WHAT’S THAT? ANALISE! YOUR HAIR!" I came running with Josiah, Analise burst into tears, mostly because I think Brian surprised her. I couldn’t decide whether to comfort her or check out her hair! It’s not so bad. One piece is bang-length in the front, and the others are underneath on the side. Her hair is pretty layered, anyway, so you really won’t notice anything but the front one, and it still pulls back into a clip. (I did have to recreate this photo… the scene got interrupted quite frantically!)

It’s been a good weekend, in spite of terrible sleep again. We had a great Parent’s Night Out on Friday. Since Brian and I had been together a couple times recently, he graciously offered to let me do some shopping at Kohl’s while he hung out at the coffeeshop. I got several GREAT deals on a things for me and the kiddos. Yesterday, Brian rode with his team in the morning and worked at church all afternoon. Today was the usual teach-Sunday-School/lunch-at-Toones/afternoon-nap routine. Then I headed back to church for a baptism celebration. Brian and the kids went to his parents so he could watch the Tour of California bike race on the Versus TV network. He’s pretty excited that there’s great cycling going on in the US that he can keep tabs on, at least this week. Oh – and head’s up for our CA friends… Tuesday the race is going from Santa Rosa to Winters to Davis to Woodland to end in Sacramento. You’ve got world class cycling right down the road! Enjoy it for us!

Hope everyone’s had a good weekend!

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