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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone


20th February 2007

Today was the big day for Analise to have tubes put in her ears.  She’s been a champ!  We were out of the house at 5:35 am and back home by 7:30am.  Wow!  (It helps that the outpatient surgery center is 5 minutes from our house!)  We took Analise in her pj’s, and she played right up until they took her back.  She had a new little Dora doll that she took with her to show everyone.  We didn’t hear her fuss at all! 

The doctor checked in with us after about 10 minutes, and he said everything went well.  They suctioned out a lot of thick fluid in one ear, but there was no sign of lingering infection.  They brought her back to snuggle in my lap less than 20 minutes later.  She was sleepy, but not at all grumpy.  She actually wanted to stay in "her room", she called it… probably because she knew once we got home my attention would be a little more divided to Josiah. 

But we headed out with a quick stop at McD’s.  She’s been resting with movies and PBS shows on the couch this morning, as have I.  Josiah has a terrible cold and cough, so he’s really snuggly, too, but I’m trying to make sure Analise gets all the "mommy moments" she needs today.  She’s asleep in the bedroom now, and Josiah is playing.  It’s a juggling act!  Thanks for all the prayers! Analise was a champ!

6 Responses to “Ears!”

  1. steve Says:

    tubes in your ears, Mickey D’s, and movies. Sounds like she did very well!! miss you guys

  2. Lyndsey McCrory Says:

    Glad to hear it went well. Please give her a hug for us!!

  3. Ian and Gilda Spencer Says:

    I hope her ear feels much better and her tubes keep her from fluid buildup. Hope the rest of the family recovers from illnesses and catches up on all that lost sleep. Oh, and my sister also had tubes put in her ears from age 2 until 12 (every 6 months). If she hadn’t, she probably wouldn’t have been able to hear at all and would have been sick even more often than she was growing up.

  4. Corrie Says:

    Tubes in ears is a new concept for me. How does it work? And it sounds like they need to be replaced often?

  5. Kristine Toone Says:

    “Tubes” sounds much more invasive than it really is. They actually just make a tiny incision in the ear drum, suction out any excess fluid, and put in a tiny little eyelet-type thing that will allow the ear to “vent”. They’re actually called “vent ear tubes” in all the surgical forms we had to sign. This way, fluid shouldn’t collect in the ears and get infected when she gets sick. She still could get an ear infection, but its much less likely because fluid can drain out. If she gets an infection, we will KNOW because there will be colored fluid dripping from her ears (yes, a bit gross sounding, but I don’t think it’s too bad). And if she gets an infection, we can skip oral antibiotics and put antibiotic drops directly into her ears that will clear it up. The tubes can fall out in 3-15 months, because the ear grows around them and pushes them out. She’ll only need them again if she were to start having ear infections again without them. Hopefully, she won’t need them other than right now…

    We have to be a little careful not to submerge her head underwater because you don’t want to get water into the ear, because it will go directly in and it could cause an infection.

  6. alison Says:

    I glad annless is so munch better.

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