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The question of the week:

23rd February 2007

This is the new phase Analise is in.  "Why?"  Everything I ask her to do, she asks, "why?"  I know it’s a simple childhood phase, and it’s part of learning.  But at her age, I’m not sure it’s actually rooted in curiosity, so much as just postponing the "doing".  It’s incredibly trying to my patience… or maybe that’s just because it’s Friday of what’s been kind of a long week. 

Josiah’s got a nasty cold and cough.  We visited the doctor Wednesday to make sure it wasn’t anything serious (our copay total for 2007 keeps going up and up…), but it wasn’t, so hopefully it’ll run its course in the next few days.  Today, though, he’s snotty, slightly unhappy, and feverish with his juicy cough.  Poor boy. 

Analise seems to be completely over the ear stuff.  I can even tell she’s hearing better.  Just yesterday she burst out with, "M, mmmm is for Mommy!"  We tried several other letters – B, A, J, K  – and she found words that started with them, as well!  Very impressive, I think, especially since she’s still working on letter recognition. 

Brian’s mom was over to babysit this morning while I headed to the DMV to get a replacement driver’s license.  Two weeks ago, Josiah was playing with mine at the mall, and we lost it in JC Penny.  The next day, though, when I called to see if anyone had found it, they had it!  I got over there to pick it up a day or so later, but believe it or not, they couldn’t find it!?!  I’ve called several times since then but still no luck, and I was putting off the tedious task of dealing with the DMV.  Alabama’s DMV system is notoriously busy and very not-automated.  In Wisconsin, I could walk in, wait maybe 15 minutes, have my picture taken, pay $4 and walk out with a brand new license.  Here, though, it was going to cost $15 and you only get a paper temporary license until they mail your new one in 2-3 weeks.  Crazy.  But I found a satellite office that did replacements and renewals, and it was a simple 10 minute in-and-out.  MUCH easier than I expected.  I got a new picture – good thing I blew dry and curled my hair this morning! – and I got to update the weight – down several pounds, yeah!!  So maybe it’ll be nice to have a new license that shows the "recent" me better. 

The other highlight of the week has been the Amgen Tour of California bike race going on from this past Sunday until Saturday.  We’ve been watching the coverage live on their website, and it’s been really exciting!  It’s nearly as exciting as the Tour de France, as many of the top riders are competing in it.  The race even went past our old apartment in Davis!  It would have been so cool to walk outside our place and watch such a top-notch race!

Ok, PBS’s Between the Lions is almost over, and Analise is almost done with lunch, so I’d better cut this off.  Looking forward to a quiet weekend with my family… hopefully everyone gets well!

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  1. alison Says:

    You are the best mom when all your kids need your time

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