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How do you like your Peeps?

30th March 2005

I wish I had a comment section for this because I’m sure we’d find everyone likes them differently. But I believe that Brian’s come up with the most original Peep creation – the Peep-a-Latte. Here’s the story:

Yesterday at work, he was enjoying his coffee (with Latte Creations mix) but found he needed sugar. The Peeps I had included in his lunch looked like the perfect solution, so he dropped one into his coffee! Sure enough, it was the perfect amount of sweetener. The only problem, he said, was that the little Peep just floated there, slowly, slowly dissolving, with its little eyes looking up at him. He said all afternoon, he kept hearing little “peeps”… (and his instant messages to me always began with a “peep, peep!”

So I created my own Peep-A-Latte this morning. As the water was boiling for coffee, I HONESTLY was hearing little chirps… was it the Peep that was soon to meet its demise or the eggs I was hardboiling?!? I’m not sure… but my Peep-A-Latte sure hits the spot this morning!

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