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An Awesome Earth Day Freebie from Home Depot

19th April 2007

Celebrate Earth Day with a free Compact Fluorescent Light bulb (CFL)!   On Sunday, April 22nd – Earth Day – Home Depot will be giving away free CFL bulbs.  I’m sure you’ve got a reason – or 17, like us – to go to Home Depot, and who doesn’t need a free light bulb?

If you haven’t started switching your lightbulbs over to
CFLs, now is a great chance to start! This is one of the absolute
easiest ways to start “living green”, as these are huge energy savers.
I just used their Home Depot’s handy little calculator (click on the "Energy Efficient" tab) to find that
changing 10 bulbs from incandescent to CFLs will save $34/year and
save $453 worth of energy over the lifetime of the bulb. These save use
75% less electricity and last 10x longer. AND they even come in a nice
soft white shade that’s nothing like the blaring fluorescent you might
be imagining. No excuses!  We’re working on changing all our bulbs over. 

Thanks Want!

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