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Expect Miracles

19th April 2007

Two people I know are battling cancer.  One of them is a very, very dear friend from California.  She’s been an amazing testimony to God’s presence through it all, and I have been meaning to share an article that she wrote for Radiant Magazine, called The Blessing of Cancer.  It’s such a great communication of what she’s gone through.  She’s doing great, and finished chemotherapy last month.  Go, Michelle!  We’re praying for you… and may God continue to use you in a MIGHTY way to minister to those around you. 

The other person, Amy Alford, I only know secondhand, as she’s the daughter of a woman from my home church in Shell Lake.  Long story short is that just a couple weeks after giving birth to a sweet baby girl in December, she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.  She’s undergone surgery, but part of the tumor couldn’t be removed, and now she’s in the process of an aggressive chemotherapy protocol.  Her story can be found here, at Caring Bridge.  But if you’re interested in a little, tangible way you can support her, there are beautiful silver bracelets available at that say "Expect Miracles".  They’re only $9.95, and 100% of the profits go to a fun to support their expenses. 

"Expect Miracles"… I think that’s so powerful because we so rarely do.  God IS capable, and he WANTS to show us His power.  He wants us to believe Him.  I think we need to pray for miracles, expecting them, and believing God is able.  And above all, we believe that He is good, and trust that He is loving.  I learned so much from a Beth Moore bible study, called Believing God.  It’s hard, but I want to find ways to believe in Him and His character in my life.  And I’m expecting miracles.  

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  1. steve Says:

    Our entire world needs a miracle makeover.

  2. Kristine Toone Says:


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