Family Alive

Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Mom time!

29th July 2007

Sorry you haven’t heard from me this week!  Recovering from the beach vacation was incredibly exhausting for some reason.  My mom flew in on Wednesday for 8 days with us, and we’ve been keeping busy with the kiddos (who were much more of a handful this week than normal) and craftiness.  Hopefully, I’ll post some pictures of our fun crafting projects soon.  She made a cute board with ribbons on it to hang bow clips. Now
she’s recovering my dining room chairs. And she’s hanging random things
that I’ve wanted to hang for a while, and helping me redecorate parts
of the kids bedrooms. Love it when she gets things done that I can’t
seem to!

Mom and I got out to Kohl’s last night… 8:30-10pm. Love Kohl’s hours and shopping with my mom. I did remember my wallet so I could pay for my own stuff on this trip, unlike several other shopping trips this week!  Good thing she was there to save me at Michaels, the grocery store and the Dollar Store:)

She babysat Josiah this evening, while Brian and I, and
Analise went to church for a meeting. The two of them were playing until
it was time for bed, and they came into the family room just as he was
about to go to bed. He looked up at the mantle and saw our family
picture, and started pointing and sobbing. He was inconsolable, poor
boy. My mom turned on Baby MacDonald, which took his mind off things,
and he went to bed for her with minimal fussing. But I can’t believe he
would recognize the picture and put together that he missed us. Love my little man.

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