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Another expensive visit to Stride Rite

23rd October 2007

Ok, the first visit to Stride Rite with Analise was fun and novel.  We cringed a bit at spending so much for shoes, but it seemed worth it for the first pair.  She got one other pair from SR a year later, but she didn’t wear them as much as sandals from Target, so I’m done spending $$ on SR shoes for her. 

Josiah’s first shoe-shopping trip (um, didn’t get the blog coverage – sorry!) was fun, and definitely necessary.  We had bought a pair of sandals from Target for him, but they were too small.  So I took them back for a larger size.  Still didn’t fit.  So when we finally decided we needed to get him sized at SR, we found out he was a 5 EXTRA WIDE.  Ok, so Stride Rite was definitely where we needed to buy shoes.  And his first pair were cute sandals that he wore all summer long.  Just in the last couple weeks, they’ve been too small. 

Last week, I was excited to find a pair of SR 6 wide shoes at a consignment sale for $3.  For that price, it was worth trying.  They worked well this weekend, but I *hate* tying his shoes and he’s not patient at all while we’re getting ready to go somewhere.  And I wasn’t sure they were fitting very well.  So this morning, J and I headed back to SR.  Sure enough, he’s still a 6 extra wide.  We found a good pair of 6.5 wide sneakers, and I know he’ll wear them all winter long.  Expensive but necessary.  *sigh*

Maybe later this week there will be pictures with my new camera…

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  1. Michele Kackert Says:

    I have to laugh at our exactly parallel lives! I did the same finding a 6W gym shoe at the school sale, but I couldn’t keep him still long enough to tie them both, hence the spendy trip today!

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