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A haircut and a Halloween party

27th October 2007

A couple more photos from the past few days. I finally convinced Analise to get her haircut on Friday. She did have her hair cut a couple months ago, and it wasn’t a big deal, but this time he was very scared. I could only convince her to do it if I would hold her. Too bad I didn’t get a haircut too… I really need one!

So, do we look alike?

Last night we started the Halloween festivities with a party at a friend’s house. Analise is a ballet princess and Josiah is a lion. They were both SO CUTE! Our camera takes amazing video, and we’ll have to upload a couple later this weekend for you to enjoy.

A pretty princess in my mirror (excuse the dust!).

Analise was very scared when we arrived at the party. There were a couple scary costumes,
including her friend Gage, who was Spiderman. She cried for the first 20 minutes.
Then she found the cool cookies and treats and a fun bedroom to play in and she forgot to be afraid. Thank goodness.
Brian, of course, came to the party as Dr. Spandex, in his bike tights, helmet, dress shirt.
A true-to-life costume he’s had to wear once for class when he forgot his keys to his office so he couldn’t change before class.
Yes, I was one of the few not in costume. Unless you consider my usual attire to be Supermom in disguise, which is what I claimed:)

My little lion man, who did laps around the living/dining/kitchen area, mostly bc it had 4 steps he enjoyed, with a melted cookie in his hand.

Friends of ours…

The most original costumes of the night: Darryl is Barry Bonds, with syringes sticking out of him.
And Laura is Michael Vick (it says "ConVICKt" on the back of her jersey). So funny.
Josiah loved the dog attached to her leg. He kept petting it and giggling.
Another person showed up with a gorilla mask, and Josiah also loved that. Quite a contrast to his sister!

2 Responses to “A haircut and a Halloween party”

  1. Corrie Says:

    Steve asks: “How come there isn’t a picture of Dr. Spandex?!?!?!?!”

  2. Brian Says:

    Dr. Spandex’s response: “I was too fast to be caught in any pictures!”

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