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Dinner Train (Adventure)

29th December 2007

Kristine’s parents treated us to a ride on the dinner train in Spooner, WI, and it was awesome! It was also an adventure because the train got stuck in the snow and ice at one of the road crossings. The total trip ended up being 3 hours from 6 until 9 which started to stretch the kids by the end — but they were troopers. See the pictures below from our adventure.

Josiah and Analise in the window after the ride.
After we made it back to the station at the end of the ride, I ran outside to start the car to warm it up for the ride home.

the dining car
Here is the dining car after we got back. Note the long icicles and the snow in the air.

watching a movie
Our kids made it back, although they were VERY tired especially after all the dancing (see below).

sucking on an icicle
Analise enjoys sucking on an icicle pulled from the train window.

dancing with a new friend
Analise dancing with one of her new friends.

dancing with a different friend
Analise dancing with a different friend.

dancing with yet another friend
Analise dancing with yet another friend!

dancing with her daddy
Analise enjoyed dancing with me, too!

josiah and me josiah and me, dancing
Josiah wasn’t going to miss out on any of the dancing.

the great northern railroad
Here’s a picture of the train engine of the Great Northern Railroad.

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  1. Bekah Says:

    Hey Toones! Glad to see y’all are safe and sound and having a good time! We’ve been thinking about y’all!

  2. Family Alive » Blog Archive » Skiing and biking and friends Says:

    […] Lake to Spooner onto a fun road called Roundhouse Rd. I saw the dinner train where we had quite a fun adventure two years […]

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