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Snow pictures and video

19th January 2008

little snow man
I looked outside and saw that the snow was already starting to melt, so I ran outside and made this snowman.

short video of our 2008 winter storm
Earlier, I took some picture that I posted in the previous post. While I was taking the pictures, the kids
came up to the window and I got this video of them and also of the snow falling early in the "winter storm".

2 Responses to “Snow pictures and video”

  1. Uncle Hal Says:

    After watching that video, I think my nephew reminds me of “Bam-Bam” from the Flintstones.

  2. Brian Says:

    Speaking of the Flintstones, it’s been quite cold here so we decided to save some $$$ by turning our heat down a few degrees and keeping our living room warm caveman style with a real fire in our fireplace. The living room is warm but the rest of the house is pretty much an ice cube. It got down to 63 degrees in our kitchen. When we first started the fire in the fireplace, Josiah made us laugh when he immediately started to try to blow it out making his little “ffftt”, “ffftt” blowing noises like he does whenever we light candles in the dining room!

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