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What’s Cooking… Shepherd’s Pie

30th January 2008

Comfort food, pure and simple. Someone brought this to a church dinner a couple weeks ago, and I was stunned at how delicious something so not-pretty could be. YUM. We had it last night for dinner, and it was super easy and just as tasty as I’d remembered. It’s straight from the Kraft Foods magazine (sign up for the free magazine, if you haven’t already! YUM… one of my favorite pieces of mail!).

Easy Shepherd’s Pie

  • 1 lb.
    ground beef

  • 2 cups
    hot mashed potatoes

  • 4 oz.
    (1/2 of 8-oz. pkg.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, cubed

  • 1 cup
    KRAFT Shredded Cheddar Cheese, divided

  • 2 cloves
    garlic, minced

  • 4 cups
    frozen mixed vegetables, thawed

  • 1 cup
    beef gravy

PREHEAT oven to
375ºF. Brown meat in large skillet. Meanwhile, mix potatoes, cream
cheese, 1/2 cup of the shredded cheese and the garlic until well

DRAIN meat. Return to
skillet; stir in vegetables and gravy. Spoon into 9-inch square baking
dish; cover with potato mixture and remaining 1/2 cup shredded cheese.

BAKE 20 min. or until heated through.

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