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What threatens to take over your cupboards?

28th January 2008

It’s obvious what I am afraid of running out of when I’m at the store…

Yes, that’s 9 cans of cream of mushroom soup.  Anyone in the mood for green bean casserole?  You bring the beans…

3 Responses to “What threatens to take over your cupboards?”

  1. Judy Ricci Says:

    I opened my cabinet and counted 6 cans of green beans–guess I had better go to the store before we come over for casserole!! I also have 12 boxes of various macaroni so as long as I can boil water we will not go hungry.

  2. Corrie Says:

    Hilarious! I think I’ve gotten much better at controlling “pantry creep” but I think I used to be quite guilty of having lots of boxes of mac and cheese plus every type of canned tomato you could think of.

  3. Kristine Toone Says:

    Oh, well, you didn’t get to see the tomato shelf 🙂 There are definitely more of them, but I use them more frequently, so I didn’t feel like it was quite as ironic as the mushroom soup.

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