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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Feb Kid Photos

24th February 2008

Just catching up with some cuteness. 

A rare moment of playing nicely together.  Maybe there will be more soon…

Josiah sharing a pacifier with Boz the Bear before bed.

Analise creating her Valentine sucker flowers.  She worked so hard!  I cut them out, and she colored a bit, and wrote an "A" on them. 
She pushed the sucker through the flower, and I finished the her name and taped a leaf on the sucker-stem.

My Valentine rose.  Josiah and Brian picked it out. 

One Response to “Feb Kid Photos”

  1. sandra cardwell Says:

    Sweet photos on this and the previous blogs. What a good, age appropriate kind of valentine. I love that she wrote an “A” and put the sucker through the hole.
    The rose picture is beautiful.

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