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Wiggly baby teeth!

10th March 2008

There’s always something, isn’t there? Analise just stumbled and bumped
her 2 front teeth floor. Blood, tears, wiggly teeth… enough to make
this mom panic. I called her pediatric dentist, hoping he’d say it was
no biggie if they hadn’t fallen out tongue.gif
But he offered to see her ASAP or tomorrow for an x-ray. Analise was
frantic at the thought of seeing the dentist, so we’ll go tomorrow.
Hopefully the little wiggle will tighten up, though they’re still
seeping blood around the top an hour later. I hope she’s not following in the footsteps of her Daddy whose front 2 teeth are both capped. ffaint.gif

I’m sure no one has noticed the lack of thumbnail pictures on the front page, but it’s a sign of how hard Brian’s been working. He’s swamped with school, directing the Science Olympiad which happens later this month, preparing a presentation for a conference next week, and designing a new website and business he’s hoping to roll out soon. He’s so excited about it, and aside from working, he’s spending all his extra hours programming and tweaking. Here’s a glimpse…

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  1. Lyndsey Says:

    Oh no!! Poor Analise! 🙁 I hope the dentist appointment went well and all teeth are still intact! Brian, your website looks like it will be fantastic!

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