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My little chocolate covered rugrat (and tooth update!)

11th March 2008

Josiah story for the day: On the way to preschool, Analise was munching on a
chocolate chip granola bar (Simple Harvest brand – so yummy and good
for you!). When she had to get out, she handed it to J, who finished it
on the way to the grocery store. When I went to pull him out, I found
he was smeared in melted chocolate chips. What a mess. So I cleaned him
(sidenote: just cleaned him up a little, really, bc somehow I don’t
care.  When did I get to be like that? tongue.gif
mostly I think, well, he’s a boy, he’s going to be a mess!  Besides the fact that he hates me to clean him up.). So in the
store, he got grumpy bc we weren’t heading to the bakery quick enough,
where he gets a free cookie, and I get 20 minutes of uniterrupted
shopping, until he finishes it or drops it, at which point he starts
grabbing things off the shelves… So 3/4 of the way through the store,
after he’s already tried to convince me (unsuccessfully) to give him some strawberries,
we’re browsing the cheese section, and he’s frantic for cheese (my
sweet little Wisconsin-blooded boy!!).  So I got a package of string
cheese, and gave him a piece (which I was going to get anyway, I
think). That placated him until we were in the checkout line. Where,
unbeknownst to me as I’m moving groceries to the conveyer belt, he’s grabbed a Reduced Fat 3
Musketeers MINT bar, gotten it open, and started chowing down innocent.gif  Little bugger. 75cents of my coupon savings down the drain tongue.gif So by the time we got to the car, he’s got chocolate everywhere. My little chocolate covered rugrat.

And the story from yesterday: I made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.  We all enjoyed one.  Later J comes wandering out of the kitchen munching on a muffin. I’m
thinking, hmm… he got himself a muffin… it couldn’t have been that easy… Sure enough, I find the stool up to the counter, and the tops
are torn off 5 muffins, before he decided on the one he picked. sneaky2.gif Silly boy. And now they’re all contaminated from his snotty hands.

is ok. Drippy sick, grumpy bc her teeth hurt to suck her thumb. But the
dentist said the x-ray looked fine, and now we just wait. The teeth
could still die or abcess, but at least we know there’s no fracture in
the root. She was pretty good.  We actually have a regular dentist appointment for a cleaning and checkup in April, so hopefully nothing happens between now and then. 

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  1. Lyndsey Says:

    In Josiah’s defense, those 3 Musketeers Mint bars are delicious!!!! Glad to hear Analise got a good report from the dentist!

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