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The night before finals…

13th May 2005

Do you remember the craziness of the night before finals in college? You were up late, reading/studying/memorizing/trying to catch up on what you hadn’t learned thus far, frantically trying to prepare for THE BIG TEST the next day(s). And remember the sigh of relief after the last final of your last semester of college? *sigh*, I do.

Tonight’s the night before finals at Samford University. Who of you had ever imagined that professors might be up late (or all night) creating the final? Such is the life of Professor Toone:) He’s been super busy this past week wrapping up assignments, helping students with projects, preparing last classes and catching up on grading. So here we are the night before finals, he’s hard at work getting ready for them. I hope his students put in as much time preparing for them as he has! Just 8 days til the end of our first semester – woohoo!

4 Responses to “The night before finals…”

  1. steve Says:

    Dude, i would like to say, “its good to see some things never change!” but i feel like that doesnt fit here. Dr. Toone, GO TO BED!!

  2. Corrie Says:

    I hope none of your students cheat!

  3. Dr. T Says:

    I’m glad to report that I got the finals posted finally (hahaha). I had an unfortunate run-in with sleep, so I was about 3 hours delayed in posting them. All that’s left now is the grading!

  4. Kat Says:

    Haha, that was me just a few days ago. I’m glad I’m done with that for another 7 months. Hope things went well for Brian’s classes, and he didn’t have to expel anyone for plagerism or something like that, whatever they do in the computer world. Hack maybe….

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