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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

What a talker!

29th March 2008

Josiah has become quite the talker! It’s so cute. I just love hearing his little phrases. All this is since December, when we saw my family at Christmas and he only had a small handful of words.  Here are a few notable ones:

"Wha choo doin’?"

"Whassat?" (He asks this about EVERYTHING.)

"Wha matter?" (I came into the living room to find Analise engaged in
an intricate play set up with all her people and a little drama going
on. Right next to her, Josiah had 2 little Care Bears, playing on his
own, making one say this to another. So sweet! These parallel play
moments between the two of them have been rare, but they are becoming a
little more frequent.) Just tonight, Analise is spending the night at her grandparents, and I overheard Josiah playing with the little bears and people all lined up on the bookshelf. He said, "Wha matter, Do-a? Wha matter?" And then later, "Where’s Do-a?" When I brought Dora up to the party, he said, "There you are!" Which is so comical, because he says, "There you are!" to any where question. For example, Where’s Josiah? "There you are!" Maybe because we say, "There you are!" Or Where’s my belly button? "There you are!"

When a movie ends, like tonight in the car as we were picking up Brian, he’ll say, "Staht it!" I’m working on adding "please" to this phrase.

Tonight he came up to me with a stem from the grapes that had been on the counter. "Eh-ty!" (Empty! Who’d have thought to call it empty?0

"Yeaaah!" and "Oooooo yeaaahhh!" He’s so responsive with these, too.
Like, "Josiah, do you want some cheese!" "Yeah!" and he gets all
excited, and when he gets the cheese, he’ll say, "Oooooo yeahhhh".

"Oh, maaan" So funny.

And "Where going?"

Analise is doing a lot of letter recognition, so we’re often spelling things, talking about letters, pointing letters out. Josiah loves to spout out his letters, "S-T-M-A-A-A" (We hear a lot of A’s because that’s Analise’s favorite letter, of course because it’s the most important in her name.) He can very nearly spell her name, too, which goes something like this: "A-S-E-L-A!"

He’s also picking up counting very quickly. He prefers the even numbers, though. When I start counting something for Analise, like bites of food she’s to take until she’s done, I’ll say, "One…" and he’ll chime in, "Toooo". When we say 3, he’ll say, "Fo. Five, "Si", Seven, "Eh", Nine, "Te!"

I know there are more, but I’ve had this blog open all day, so I’d better post it before it gets saved and forgotten 🙂 I’ll have to come back with some more.

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