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She can always make me laugh!

27th March 2008

Analise is such a chatterbox.  She’s always got something to say, and sometimes I just wonder where it all comes from! 

This morning, she hurt her finger playing and came crying to me.  I washed it off and suggested a band-aid.  The last time she had a band-aid was after 3-days of antibiotic shots for an ear infection last January.  It was traumatizing.  I think band-aids remind her of that, and to top it off, taking the band-aids off was painful enough that she doesn’t associate band-aids with any kind of feeling better.  So of course, when I suggested that a band-aid would keep her cut clean and make it feel better, she didn’t believe me and cried even harder.  She just preferred to hold her wound, keeping it covered with her hand.

As I put her in the car to take her to school, she told me she didn’t think she could play because she needed to hold her boo-boo.  I told her, "Miss Brenda is going to ask why your Mommy didn’t put a band-aid on it.  What are you going to tell her?"

"I’ll tell her the boo-boo didn’t want a band-aid." 

"But wait… I just heard the boo-boo say it needed a band-aid to keep it covered."

Analise in a high squeaky voice, making her hand talk, "No, no!  I don’t want a band-aid!  I’m fine!" 

Then when we got to school, the school "principal", Miss June, opened the door to get Analise out and said, "Good morning!"  Analise didn’t say anything.  Miss June said, "You’re not going to talk to me this morning?"  Analise said, "Shhh… my boo-boo is sleeping!" 

Miss June got her out of the car and said, "I hope your boo-boo feels better."  And as Analise sauntered in to school, I heard her say, "It’ll feel better when I grow up." 

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  1. sandra cardwell Says:

    Funny. Tiny red dots or little cuts are always a concern for kindergartners. They seem to have to show the teacher, even if the spot is several days old and almost healed. And when someone shows me a spot, everyone says, “Can I see?” They always want a band-aid. Must be a badge of courage. If the cut is bleeding and we do put a band-aid on it, they take it off to show others until it won’t stick anymore. Guess I could write a whole chapter on band-aids.

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