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What happens when Mom’s had it?

25th March 2008

You get an evening like tonight…

I had dinner all planned out.  Brian was going to be gone for a weekly training ride.  But as I was cleaning up the kitchen to start dinner, the drain started backing up on one side of the sink, and when I rain the disposal, it came up the other side.  ARG.  I tried to plunge it but splattered junk all over.  Brian came rushing in bc he’d had a bike problem he needed to fix and wanted to fill his water bottle.  I was looking for something in the cupboards under the bar area of the kitchen, and came up to CRACK my head really hard on the corner of the counter.  OUCH.  It was the final straw and I broke into tears.  Analise HATES to see me cry. 

I scrapped dinner plans, loaded A& J into the car for a $5 Little Caesar’s Hot & Ready Pizza and breadsticks.  We spread out a blanket in the driveway and had a picnic.   The kids played outside for an hour and a half until it got too chilly as the sun was setting, and I cleaned out the car.  Whew… am I glad the evening turned around! 

The house is still a mess as we’re unpacking from a whirlwind trip to Indiana for Easter with my family.  It was a nice visit, but way too short with family (um, 36 hours including sleeping) and way too long in the car (24 hours!!!).  Brian is amazing for driving nearly the whole trip, largely at night, and the kids were troopers to be tied into their seats for so long.  We’re so lucky to have such good travelers! 

I’ve made 2 more loaves of bread!  This is becoming a delicious, healthy new habit!  The current recipe of choice is a yummy honey wheat oatmeal bread.  Brian’s eating lots of PB&J sandwiches 🙂

Ok, enough rambling.  I’ve got to get the kitchen cleaned up so it’s ready for all that tomorrow has to offer. 

2 Responses to “What happens when Mom’s had it?”

  1. Brian Says:

    And those PB&J sandwiches are oh so good! Any suggestions for unclogging a kitchen sink drain?

  2. Michele Kackert Says:

    Oh, I’d love that honey wheat recipe. I’ve had a hard time finding a recipe that makes nice sandwich bread. No thoughts on the drain, ours does the SAME thing. I have stopped putting anything down the disposal for fear of it.

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