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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

A few pictures from our stopover in Chicago…

21st June 2008

Ok, there are a zillion pictures from our trip and of course, I’m way behind.  The trip was great, the kids were amazing travelers, I got to spend great time with everyone in my family, and we did some fun stuff.  We got back at 4am on Thursday morning, and believe it or not, we’re back on the road this weekend, just for a quick trip to visit Brian’s cousin & his family outside Nashville while Brian does a race today. 

But the reason for this post!  We stayed with my friend Michele in Aurora, IL on Tuesday night, and the kids burned off some of their restless car-supressed energy on Wednesday morning before the marathon drive back.  She got some great pictures, and she’s already resized and uploaded them for me 🙂  Whew! 

Morning tea – Josiah, Michael, Analise & Emma

The Polar Bear Swim in the backyard pool

"I a monkey!"  He’s hanging on the crossbar over the ladder, 6feet up.  He also hung over the climbing wall, 8feet up.  I was crazily hollering for him to get down while Michele caught this cute picture 🙂

The Bruise Brothers climbing the wall.

Happy time with Playdoh

Analise and Emma on top of the 5ft cat climbing tree. 

Michele and a quiet moment with the boys (there weren’t many of those!).

Surveying the situation from the playhouse.

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