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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Bumps and Cuts and the Weekend Cycling Wrap-up

23rd June 2008

The quick weekend trip to Franklin, TN was fun.  The kids and I enjoyed a pool party at the neighborhood pool with Richard & Christy and their kids.  Everyone crashed for serious naps after 3 hours in the sun and water.  Then during a walk around the block with the kids, Josiah stumbled and cracked his head on the sidewalk.  Not just concrete, but concrete-with-pebble sidewalk.  He had a small ragged gash and a big bump.  I debated for a while whether it was worth a long evening in the ER or not, but we finally went, and Brian met us on his way home from the bike race. 

The bump was no big deal, at least not compared to the last Big Bump, which is actually still visible, as the doctor told us it might be for quite a while.  But the gash, though small, was rough around the edges, deep, and seeped blood for quite a while while we waited to be seen.  He was quite the charmer racing his cars up and down the hallway at the end of the waiting room, walking around looking for J’s on any sign with letters, and chattering to the triage nurse, "I bump de head" and a cute "Ow, ow, ow" when she looked at it, instead of crying.  After an hour and 45 minutes of waiting, the physician’s assistant was quick to decide it would heal perfectly with some skin glue (Dermabond).  It was 10pm, Josiah was exhausted, and he screamed through the entire 30 second exam and 30 second gluing, but he was asleep within minutes of when we settled in the car.  His head looks much better, and actually, though it’s still covered with Dermabond, you can’t even really tell where the cut was.  The scrapes above and below and the bump look worse.  We tried to get a picture tonight, but he was moving around too much. 

Brian’s race went really well.  He got 4th in a race with a bunch of pros.  You can see all the details on his new cycling blog,   There are also photos and race details from his recent races in St. Louis and Minnesota.

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