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Bad luck for my boy continues… **Update**

24th June 2008

Bad Luck Boy continues his woes… After a fun morning of playing in the sprinkler, popscicles and then splashing in the water table, Josiah tangled with a wasp on the back
porch. He’s got 2-3 stings on his cheek/by his ear and 2 on his
wrist, probably from trying to swat it away. What screams 🙁 I held it
together to get some ice on the ONE sting I saw, but then I unraveled
when I saw the others a few minutes later. Man, I feel so bad. Of
course, he’s fine. Back to his normal self, minus the slightly swollen
stings. Thank goodness its naptime here, bc I don’t know about the kids, but I’m exhausted.

**By this evening, the stings were hardly even noticeable, though Josiah was full of chatter about the bugs.  Analise was full of discussion about his experience, too, and we had a serious talk about NOT swatting bugs away, but calling for mommy or daddy and walking away without bothering the bugs.  Brian’s dad – my HERO – came this afternoon to spray the hidden wasp nest, where there were two big red wasps hanging out between the eave and the gutter.  Whew – enough excitement for one day!  Hopefully we can keep my boy from trouble for a few days 🙂

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  1. Dena Koehn Says:

    poor boy!!

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