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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Celebrating US in Memphis

26th June 2008

Saturday is our 5th anniversary, and Sunday is Analise’s birthday (even though she’s celebrated several times already, and she thinks she’s already 4!). No big celebrations planned except that we’re off to Memphis… for a bike race 🙂 Actually, it was my idea. Brian wasn’t planning on racing, but we’ve wanted to make a family race weekend trip sometime when our friends Lennie – who also races – and Kim could go, and bring their kids, Lauren and Anna, who shared our zoo birthday party. The four of them have gotten to be great friends. So, of course the guys jumped at the chance to race, Kim and I are looking forward to cheering for them together and hanging out, and the kids are ECSTATIC at going on a trip together. It should be lots of fun, especially since we visited the library today and got 6 (!) new DVDs for the 5-hour trip. Two Princess Stories, 2 Signing Time, and 2 Thomas… a good mix to keep us from going crazy. The kids have been absolutely hooked on Cars for the last couple weeks, and though we love that movie, we need a change!

Analise is at her Grandma Beverly’s for the night, Josiah is resting fitfully after his 2-year checkup. His chubby little legs were really hurting him because of the 2 shots this evening. It’s been a quiet, relaxing night, and hopefully, I’ll have some good time in the morning to pull everything together for the early afternoon departure.

I’ve got a blog-post 90% written -with pictures even! – about the first leg of our trip to Wisconsin. Hopefully, I’ll finish it soon, maybe even tomorrow morning. Happy weekend!

2 Responses to “Celebrating US in Memphis”

  1. Corrie Says:

    Happy anniversary!!!

  2. Robyn Sjostrom Says:

    I was thinking about your guys this past weekend. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Analise!!

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