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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Awesome photos of my kids!!

23rd July 2008

My dear, sweet friend, Robyn, just sent me some photos she and her husband, Scott, took of Analise and Josiah while we were together in Minnesota.  We had a fun, crazy lunch at a little outdoor cafe, and Analise ended up riding her little bike in circles around the tables.  Robyn & Scott do wedding photography, too, and you can see more of their AWESOME photography on their SoulCam Photography blog.  I’m so excited, though… they just have a great way of catching good angles and the right moment.  My kids are so hard to photograph!  These photos just make me smile as they caught just who Analise and Josiah are, just in our short few minutes together.

Notice Brian’s reflection in the glasses on the right.  Cool 🙂

3 Responses to “Awesome photos of my kids!!”

  1. Jennifer Wyatt Says:

    What incredible pictures! The kids look great! I wish I had the talent your friends have.

  2. Proud dad Says:

    While Analise was riding her bike around, Frank Pipp from the Healthnet pro cycling team was watching and laughing and enjoying see her absolutely flying around the tables and chairs on the empty patio!

  3. Robyn Sjostrom Says:

    Thanks for the comments Kristine. Just think of all the photos we could take if you came back to MN and spent more time with us…hint hint :o). Miss you!

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