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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Wild Week!

23rd July 2008

That’s what it’s been!  Brian and I are both teaching at our church Vacation Bible School.  Brian’s got the 4th graders (12 of them), and I’ve got the 1st graders (10 of them).  I came home from our good, busy weekend stressed about how much we had going on this week and feeling pretty unprepared for VBS.  I wasn’t really in the mood to be in charge of a busy group of kids.  But it’s been surprisingly fun and refreshing, and as much of a blessing to me as it has been to the kids.  The worship has been crazy and fun and a nice way to loosen up with singing and dancing and just being WILD 🙂 

I’ve got 7 girls and 3 boys, and they
are so sweet. The girls are snuggling all over me, saying "this is the
BEST week EVER!" I was worried I’d be the grumpy teacher, since that’s
how I feel as mom lately.  But they’re sweet, and we’re having
fun.  It’s fun to see these girls and think of who Analise will be
in a few years… :wub:

Analise and Josiah aren’t old enough to be in the actual classes, but they are
taking such great care of our kids – water play, music, bringing them into the drama/music large group, and feeding them lunch so they’re happy and not ravenous when we pick them up… ready to fall
asleep on the way home. What a relief.  Both kids have been ready for big long naps when we get home. 

Oh, and we got expanded cable last week!  We’ve only had basic with about 5 watchable channels.  But we got a promo deal, and so now we’ve got hours and hours and hours of the Tour de France, at least through Sunday.  And I’ve got my Food Network fix set on "fave" so I can get to it with the click of the button.  Now to make sure we don’t become cable-addicted in the 6 months before our promo period is over (bc then it’s going up to the regular rate of $37/mo, and THAT is not in the budget!). 

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  1. Corrie Says:

    Hooray for Food Network! We’ve still got another 7 months or so for our promo price, and then it’s back to DVDs on the laptop… 🙂

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