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Almost a Toddler and Spellbound

4th June 2005

So Analise has taken a few very tentative steps, with someone very near her encouraging and convincineg her she could do it. Just a minute ago, she was standing next to the laundry basket, and without any coaxing, took 3 tiny steps to her rocking chair. She’s mentally crossed over to believing that she can do it – and wants to do it! – and now I’m sure there’s going to be no stopping her!
Hehe… as Brian was looking over my shoulder and I was writing this, he gasped and looked over to her. She had walked along the edge of the laundry basket – holding on – and he thought she’d walked over to us.

Last night we watched the DVD documentary “Spellbound”, in honor of the National Spelling Bee completing this week. (Could you have spelled the winning word “appoggitura”?) Anyway, it was a fun movie, very suspenseful as it followed 8 contestants from their hometowns to Washington D.C. for the Bee. You wouldn’t think a spelling bee could be so captivating, but we had both picked our “favorite” to win. It was fun to root for them… and see if we could spell the words too:) Yes, we’re geeks.

Anyway, when it was down to the final two spellers, the announcer said, “And now it’s time to move onto the championship word subsection.” Brian very quickly says, “S-U-B-S-E-C-T-I-O-N… that was so easy!” Of course, the announcer had meant there would be subsection of championship words… not that that was the championship word. It was quite comical:) We give four thumbs up – two from each of us – to Spellbound!

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  1. steve Says:

    Spellbound was a graet movie. I louve that crasy cid whu whas so spaztic, he whas ahwsum!!!! Seriously, that is a cool movie and i feel sorry for all those kids. I think the spelling bee is a little overboard. But, maybe not.

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