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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

A Toddler Now?

6th June 2005

The baby steps of the weekend are multiplying. Analise is taking tiny steps all over the den, on her own and when we’re encouraging her. Does this mean she’s a toddler? Is this the end of my baby girl? It’s kind of a sad feeling… it just hit me how fast she’s growing up into a sweet little girl. Just yesterday, she was a snuggly little baby, content to lay on her back under her gym, immobile. Today, she’s taking tiny steps all over the room, playing with everything she can find (though she’d most prefer to find the remote control, the cordless phone or the cell phone).

Funny conversation from this evening at our old church Lakeside, as I was attending a Women’s Missions meeting. One of the older ladies said, “I hear you’re expecting!” “Expecting? Expecting what? OH! EXPECTING! No, no, no… you must’ve heard wrong. Not expecting anything here.” *SIGH* My little leftover baby belly may lead one to believe that we’re expecting, but it didn’t do much for my self-esteem to hear that. And the only thing we’re expecting is a full night’s sleep one of these days…

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