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What’s Cookin’ – Panera at home

14th October 2008

I’ll admit… I LOVE Panera.  Their bagels are so yummy, and their sandwiches are one of my favorite lunches.  I usually get a panini with a salad.  But tonight’s dinner was just as good, and cheaper, and at home.

This summer I treated myself (as an anniversary present 🙂 ) to a grill pan.  I’ve enjoyed it for various things, but I hadn’t used it to make paninis!  I used this recipe that I’d sampled at Publix for the Turkey Apple Panini.   It worked perfectly, and the sandwiches were melty, a little sweet from the apple, and a little oniony from the salad dressing spread.  I tossed some romaine lettuce with cesaer dressing and parmesean cheese and added some restaurant-style croutons.  And I’d splurged at the grocery store and gotten some of this V8 Golden Butternut Squash Soup to go with the sandwiches.  Perfect.  The only thing that would have been better is if it hadn’t been 80 degrees outside.  Not exactly a soup night, but I’m sure we’ll do it again soon!  I’m glad I can do Panera at home!

One Response to “What’s Cookin’ – Panera at home”

  1. Dena Says:

    Sounds awesome…. did the kids eat it? I couldn’t even get my husband to eat it, but I can make one for myself for lunch some weekend.
    ps. Our Panera opens next Monday! I’m so excited! Cheddar broccoli soup in a breadbowl and the cinnamon crunch bagels are my fav!

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