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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

We haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…

21st June 2005

Unless you consider Iowa and Wisconsin the end of the earth:) (which we don’t!) We left Thursday for a family vacation, spent the weekend in Iowa with my sister and brother-in-law and arrived in my hometown of Shell Lake yesterday. We’ve got lots of funny anecdotes, pictures and some video, so I hope to pull together a blog in the next day or so. Check back soon!

8 Responses to “We haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…”

  1. Corrie Says:

    We just figured that Analise was walking around so much, you didn’t have any time to sit still and look at a computer screen.

  2. Brian Toone Says:

    Whew, she sure is walking everywhere. It’s tough to get any rest on vacation trying to keep up with her. She wants to get into anything new she hasn’t seen before.

  3. steve Says:

    i’ve been checking… where are the toones? Hope you guys are having a good time on the road.

  4. Dena Says:

    I had the pleasure of spending a little time with the Toones on the 24th, we met in Wausau. I believe they were leaving WI on the 26th and heading south. It was so great to see them. Derek and Analise had fun at the splash pad and on the train at Marathon Park. My thanks to them for taking time to visit with us! Miss you already!

  5. Dena Says:

    oh, and Happy Anniversary to Kristine & Brian!!

  6. Steve and Corrie Says:

    Happy anniversary!!! TWO years already!

  7. steve Says:

    happy anniversary love birds. Dont fall out of the “nest” while celebrating!!!

  8. Dena Says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Analise!

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