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Book Review: Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers

28th August 2005

I just have to rave about these 5 short novellas by Francine Rivers. There are 5 women listed in the geneology of Jesus as written in Matthew 1. For some of these women, the bible only has short mentions of their lives, but obviously God has chosen to use them to bring His Son into the world. Francine Rivers has incorporated her amazing gift of historical fiction storytelling with excellent research into the customs of the bibilcal times to create books that you can hardly put down. I have finished 4 of 5 of them, and I’ll be headed to the library for Unshaken, the story of Ruth, tomorrow. I feel like I see the stories of these women in very different ways, and their lives seem to have much more relevance today. Most recently, I finished reading Unspoken, the story of Bathsheba, which was an insightful look into a woman who is mostly thought of as an adulteress who seduced King David. But the story made me see her in a new light, as a woman who received unlimited grace after giving into weakness, and she raised her sons to fear the Lord.

I give these books TWO THUMBS UP, and I highly suggest them for a very easy, most insightful read. There is even a bible study and devotional in the back of each book. Enjoy!

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