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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Birmingham is Blooming!

24th March 2006

Sorry we haven’t posted a blog this week! Brian’s on spring break, and we’ve really just been enjoying ourselves hanging out together, resting, getting things done, doing fun stuff. We’re in the middle of writing a lengthy blog with pictures from an adventure we took to Mount Cheaha this Wednesday. Today we visited Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve here in Birmingham and saw some fun animals.

Monday was exciting, as Brian’s parents arrived back from South Carolina with furniture for us! His grandmother has moved into a smaller apartment, so we inherited some nice furniture to fill our empty front, formal living room, along with some REAL dining room furniture. I’ll post a pic of that later too. I’ve been busy trying to put all the clutter away and get the house back in order. Kind of hard not to overdo it with all the back pain I’m having lately, but Brian’s been a huge help. Speaking of his help, he’s conquered the child-lock project that haunted him from 2 months ago. The magnetic Tot Lok’s are installed in the kitchen, and they work really well. Brian proudly showed it to everyone who came for our home church gathering last night. He’s even ready to get them installed in the 2 bathrooms. My domestic hero!

Analise has been sweet all week, and she’s loving having her daddy around. She’s a chatterbox, full of at least 20 new words that she’s using ALL THE TIME.

As I said in the title, Birmingham is in bloom. I have decided, I love Wisconsin in the fall because of the beautiful colors and the changing season. But I also love spring in the south. The cherry trees are full of poofy white blossoms, the redbud trees splash a bright pink in the midst of all the white, tulips and azaleas are in full color, the Bradford pear trees have turned a bright, spring-green color, and the occassional hardwood is budding in red or orange. Love it. It’s just beautiful to drive around and see all the color.

Ok, another exciting Friday evening at the Toones wraps up. Off to hopefully finish the blog and get some good rest. I’m still battling a cough, but thankfully, I’m much improved over last week. We’re having a picnic in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Check back later!

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