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Brian, Kristine, Analise, and Josiah Toone

Ah… the weekend:)

20th May 2006

Not much to relate from the Toone household this Saturday morning. Brian just left for Samford’s graduation ceremony. He informed me that 9am would be the perfect time for me to call him on the cell phone to let him know I was in labor – so he wouldn’t have to sit through a 3 hour ceremony in his heavy velvet robe and regalia. Haha… I don’t think that’s going to happen. Analise is watching Saturday morning cartoons (Diego, The Animal Rescuer). I’m going to try not to overdo myself today but still get some things accomplished around the house. I’ve got the late-pregnancy “nesting” urge to get baby things set up and organized. Hopefully, Brian will be able to help me this afternoon. If you came to our house today, you’d be hard pressed to find any sign that we’ve got a baby on the way except for my huge belly and a pile of clothes/blankets/burp clothes/etc on the extra bed.

I did want to post a picture of the beautiful baby quilt that my friend, Rena Kirk, made for little Josiah (I mentioned it in this blog). I think it turned out beautifully!

Yesterday was kind of a funny day. I got quite a few things done before leaving for swimming at 8:30. I was REALLY proud to manage a stop at the post office with 3 birthday gifts (Happy belated to Dena!!! Happy birthday to Hal and my Dad next week!!). The rest of the day was quiet since my morning swim and busy-ness had worn me out. Brian didn’t get home until 6:45 because of some school stuff, but I knew he’d be late and I was planning on making a quiche. Now, I NEVER have a problem with making quiche (without a recipe), and put it in the oven so it’d be done right around the time he got home. Well. It wasn’t. It was still runny in the middle, and by the time Brian got home I was frustrated, the quiche was still cooking, and Analise and I were HUNGRY. We ended up leaving the quiche in the turned-off oven and going to Sonic. My sweet husband even stopped at the sno-cone place on the way home to make up for my rough evening. Anyway, at least now we’ve got lunch or dinner for today since the quiche is definitely done! (Oh, and maybe one day I’ll figure out a recipe and post it – my quiche is normally pretty darn good!)

2 Responses to “Ah… the weekend:)”

  1. Corrie Says:

    That quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. steve Says:

    Hey guys, see you soon! That quilt is really nice. good job, Rena!

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